The health benefits of electric bikes

Getting your fix of exercise each day is important not only for your wellbeing but also for your mental health. According to the British Heart Foundation, there are over 20 million people in the UK that are ‘inactive’ which is estimated to cost the NHS around 1.2bn each year. The same report defines “inactive” as not achieving the government guidelines for physical activity of 150 minutes per week. A study by Bristol University on the benefits of exercise before, during or after the working day was found to have the ability to lift moods and relieve common mental health issues within the work environment such as stress and anxiety.

According to a publication from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence physically active employees are less likely to suffer from major health problems, less likely to take sick leave and less likely to have an accident at work. This should be enough to encourage many employers to support the introduction of programs that help employees become more active. Cycling, particularly on an electric bike is a very easy way to get your fix of exercise, there are no membership fees, no ques for the machines at the gym and it encourages you and the family to be active outdoors which has other benefits.

It can feel like a huge task to become more active, if you’re a beginner cyclist, try and avoid the temptation to jump right in and start cycling every day. Build up your confidence slowly by cycling for part of the route you already know. If you’re a complete beginner, develop your fitness and cycling skills first by going on weekend and evening bike rides.

Commuting to and from work by bike can be a great wat to incorporate cycling into your daily routine, it can save money in the long term and is proven to increase productivity at work. All our electric bikes are pedal-assist, which means you have to pedal for the electrical system to kick in and give assistance. They are great for low-intensity workouts, most of the Raleigh electric bikes have Bosch motors and batteries, this system will offer a range of up to 120km meaning you can cycle for longer periods of time in a more enjoyable way, the electric bike also gives access to people who struggle with a normal bike. Back to Blogs