The bike as a sustainable transport solution 

What is sustainable transport?

Sustainable transport is any form of transport that doesn’t use or rely on natural resources such as fossil fuels. It instead uses renewable or regenerated energy. These methods of transport have no expiry date from fossil fuels running out. They also don’t create any harmful emissions to the environment.

The bicycle is without a doubt one of the most sustainable methods of transport we currently have. In a time where global warming is having a huge effect on our planet, now more than ever we are looking to our sustainable transport for solutions. With estimates showing that by 2030 there could be 8.5 billion people in the world and by 2050 that will rise to approximately 9.7 billion. The mass growth of the population is something that is making us look at our sustainability, more people potentially means more cars on the road which if things don’t change will add to rising air pollutions and traffic congestion. Not only is the planet changing but we will eventually run out of the fossil fuels we are currently using to power most of our transport methods.

The use of fossil fuels is causing CO2 emissions to rise which is one of the leading contributions to global warming, by changing just our commute to work to cycling we will help to reduce the effects of CO2 pollution, making our air cleaner. This is something we are all being actively encouraged to make a conscience effort to do.


Why chose a bike? The bike offers so many benefits. Not only those to our planet but also the huge effect on our personal health.

We’ve all been guilty of saying we don’t have time to exercise but, if we were to swap our work commute from our cars or public transport to a bike, or even a combination of the two, we would be fitting that exercise into our daily routine without a second thought. This means you’ll never have to make time for exercise it will just be part of your average working day. It’s also good for our mental health. If you’ve had a rough day at the office, then you cycle home you’ll be releasing endorphins and getting out any pent-up energy you may have accumulated throughout the day. Plus, I think I can speak for all us when I say there’s no better feeling than gliding past all the traffic on your route home.

If you’re interested in reducing your carbon footprint bicycles are currently the most common choice of transport. They are easy to get around on and don’t take up much space when it comes to parking them up for the day. The evolution of the bike makes it an excellent choice as a sustainable method of transport. Electric bikes are now so easy to access and are affordable. If you want to exercise but don’t want to overexert yourself on the way to work, they could be the perfect choice for you! They even come as folding bikes to make the commute that bit easier especially if public transports make up a part of your journey.

Most electric bikes have the ability to travel up to 120km per charge, they make light work of hills and take you further with ease. Another positive is that active travel has just received huge investment which will result in better infrastructure for walking making it much safer and easier to commute by bike.

There are so many facts and figures out there that we can all research regarding the risks of global warming, the decline in fossil fuels and the positive effects that being active brings to us both physically and mentally. I know looking in to some of this research has made me think about the journeys I could easily swap from my car to my bike, hopefully it could do the same for you. Back to Blogs