Electric Bike Access benefits everyone.

With Electric Bike Access employers save 13.8% on National Insurance contributions on every bike that’s taken through the scheme. Employees receive up to 42% discount on a huge rage of bikes and accessories whilst spreading the cost. The process is hassle free for all as it’s completed online.

Here are some more benefits.


42% discount

Employee savings over the year

Each employee can save up to 42% on retail prices by reducing their tax bill to the value of the bike taken through Electric Bike Access.


13.8% saved

Savings on NIC contributions

The employer saves 13.8% National Insurance contributions on the total value of the bikes taken through Electric Bike Access.



Saved on travel costs each year

The average cost of commuting here in the UK is around £146 per month, in London is nearly double that, an electric bike can dramatically reduce this cost.


102 hours

of exercise per week

Cycle reduces stress, risk of heart disease and improves metabolism. Its proven that light exercise is also a great boost to mental health.


42% increase

of attendance

Reduce sick days by up to 50% with more active staff, this could mean a £14 billion boost to UK businesses.



of CO2 saved per year

Choosing to cycle rather than using the car or public transport reduced your carbon impact by a 90%.

These results are potential positive impacts on your business and are dependent on a number of factors.

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That’s not all, there are so many more benefits.

Flexible payment

Unlike most schemes, there is no upfront payment. Flexible financing available over varied terms.

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Dedicated support

Unrivalled guidance direct from the manufacturer. Free marketing collateral & your own branded portal.

Quick & easy process

Straightforward, simple online sign-up process - no unnecessary paperwork & documentation.


We’re really pleased with the performance of the electric bikes so far and hope to see even greater take up as word spreads about the benefits for teams and individual staff members

John Bann, Cycling and Roadspace Transformation Manager - Nottingham City Council

Nottingham City Homes is committed to making our business more efficient, and environmentally friendly. We encourage our staff to opt for sustainable transport wherever possible,including travel between our many sites across the city

Hayley, Nottingham City Homes

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