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Our best selling electric bikes

Here is a selection of our top selling bikes from our brands, Raleigh, Haibike and Lapierre. Each brand has its own page where you can browse the full range of electric and non-electric bikes.

Raleigh is best suited to commuting and leisurely rides, Haibike is all electric bikes and Lapierre is performance road and off-road bikes.

Motus Grand Tour - Derailleur Gear Open Frame
From just £116.00/month
£2,400.00 RRP. Save up to 42%.
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Centros Tour Crossbar
From just £130.50/month
£2,700.00 RRP. Save up to 42%.
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Find your ideal electric bike across the most iconic brands.


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The Urban Commuter
Raleigh Electric Bikes

Raleigh is one of the world’s best-known bike brands established in 1887 in Nottingham England. Raleigh is best known for its iconic bikes such as the Raleigh Chopper and Burner and more recently our range of Bosch powered electric bikes.

Save up to 42% on retail price
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Multi Terrain Adventurer
SDURO Trekking Bikes

Haibike was established in 1995 in Schweinfurt, Germany and is now one of the global leaders in adventure and off-road electric bikes. Haibike has developed some of the most powerful and technically advanced electric bikes on the market.

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The Sporty Type
All Mountain MTB

Lapierre has been producing bikes since 1946 in Dijon, France. Lapierre offers road and off-road bikes that are developed and ridden by top athletes across the globe from the Tour De France to world mountain bike races.

Save up to 42% on retail price
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Popular Accessories

Bicycle Rain Suit Unisex
From just £4.83/month
£99.99 RRP. Save up to 42%.
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Newton U Pro Mini & Cable
From just £2.00/month
£41.39 RRP. Save up to 42%.
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MET Rivale
From just £5.80/month
£120.00 RRP. Save up to 42%.
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One of the world’s oldest and best known bike brands.

Raleigh is best suited to leisurely rides in and around our towns and cities. The range of bikes covers low step and traditional frames, front suspension and mudguards for comfort as well as tyres designed to roll easily along roads, bridleways and cycle lanes. We have chosen Bosch motors in our Raleigh range for reliability.

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Adventure off road electric bikes.

Haibike is all about performance, from long range battery life on our trekking models, to full suspension off road performance from an all mountain model. Haibike is for the enthusiast, the adventurer and the go getters. Sleek design, built in batteries, light weight carbon frames, Haibike has a performance electric bike to suit any types of riding.

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A bike to suit all, from sport and leisure to aspiring athletes.

Lapierre covers everything from Tour de France carbon road bikes to entry level mountain bikes and everything in between including electric bikes. Lapierre has built a reputation for performance bikes on the road in grand tours, and off road in the mountains. If you need a bike for going fast, Lapierre is the brand for you.

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Our process is simple for everyone.

Our process is simple for everyone - save & spread the cost of your electric bike or non-electric bike with your company.

Help your employer help you. Sign up your business or refer your employer

A cycle to work scheme is a great initiative for employees & employers. It's free to sign up, only takes a few minutes and can all be done through our website.

Order your bike and accessories online

Once your employer is signed up, go to our online shop and choose your bike and accessories.

Repayments made through monthly salary sacrifice

Your employer will pay for your Cyclescheme package & your repayments are made pre-tax over 12 months with ownership options at the end of the rental.

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