The simple affordable cycle to work scheme - Find your ideal electric bike, spread the cost and ride to work

What is Electric Bike Access?

We are a cycle to work benefit scheme provider delivered by Raleigh for employees wanting to save money on any of our bike brands Raleigh, Haibike and Lapierre! It’s simple, sign up your business or employer, shop online and have a new bike and accessories delivered to your home. Your employer buys the bike and equipment and you pay them back from your pre-tax salary saving up to 42% on the retail price with free easy and ownership options.


Our process is simple for everyone.

Our process is simple for everyone - save & spread the cost of your electric bike or non-electric bike with your company.

Help your employer help you. Sign up your business or refer your employer

A cycle to work scheme is a great initiative for employees & employers. It's free to sign up, only takes a few minutes and can all be done through our website.

Order your bike and accessories online

Once your employer is signed up, go to our online shop and choose your bike and accessories.

Repayments made through monthly salary sacrifice

Your employer will pay for your Cyclescheme package & your repayments are made pre-tax over 12 months with ownership options at the end of the rental.

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Finding you the perfect bike at an affordable rate.

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    Access to our range of electric bikes

    We offer a full range of electric and non-electric bikes from road, city commuters, adventure to electric mountain bikes.

  • Ongoing expert support

    We offer a dedicated account manager for each business, supported by UK based service teams for complete peace of mind.

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    No hassle, quick process

    All completed online for ease of use for you and your employer.

Savings Calculator

Find out how much you could save using our handy calculator.

How much do I pay on the Cycle to Work Scheme?

Employees participating in the cycle to work scheme pay nothing upfront but agree to give up part of their gross salary (before tax) in exchange for cycling equipment. This agreement means you pay less income tax and national insurance. As you can see, salary sacrifice is a popular option due to lowering the amount of income that you can be taxed on thus making a significant saving on the cost of your new bike and/or accessories. The exact amount you pay will be dependent on your gross pay & tax bracket, use our savings calculator to see how much you could save.

Is the cycle to work scheme worth it?

Deciding if the cycle to work scheme is right for you? This scheme is an ideal way to get a tax-free bike and equipment for commuting. Aside from saving money on adult bikes, this scheme helps to promote a green commute initiative whereby individuals are encouraged to ride to work rather than drive, to reduce their environmental impact whilst improving their overall health & wellbeing.


Find the right cycling equipment for your commute and save up to 42% - your tax-free bike awaits.

The Urban Commuter
Raleigh Electric Bikes

Raleigh is one of the world’s best-known bike brands established in 1887 in Nottingham England. Raleigh is best known for its iconic bikes such as the Raleigh Chopper and Burner and more recently our range of Bosch powered electric bikes.

Save up to 42% on retail price
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Multi Terrain Adventurer
SDURO Trekking Bikes

Haibike was established in 1995 in Schweinfurt, Germany and is now one of the global leaders in adventure and off-road electric bikes. Haibike has developed some of the most powerful and technically advanced electric bikes on the market.

Save up to 42% on retail price
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The Sporty Type
All Mountain MTB

Lapierre has been producing bikes since 1946 in Dijon, France. Lapierre offers road and off-road bikes that are developed and ridden by top athletes across the globe from the Tour De France to world mountain bike races.

Save up to 42% on retail price
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The Cyclescheme is an easy to manage, cost-effective solution to add to your company employee benefits.

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    Flexible payment options

    We offer payment options to suit each business all managed by Electric Bike Access for a hassle-free process.

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    Dedicated support

    Uncompromising support direct from the manufactures at every stage from sign up to post rental agreements.

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    Quick and easy implementation for employers

    Sign up, track and approve employee agreements online in minutes through your very own unique online portal. An easy cycle to work solution for you & your employees.

What happens after 12 months on the Cycle to Work Scheme?

Once your cycle to work hire agreement comes to an end, your scheme provider will get in contact to discuss the options available. These consist of entering into a new agreement hire period paying a small fee to rehire the bicycle, buying the bike from the scheme or giving the bike back to your employer.

If you leave your employer while the initial Cycle to Work salary sacrifice agreement is ongoing, you must pay off the remaining balance of the bike if you wish to keep the bike. Alternatively, you can return the bike to your ex-employers.


We’re really pleased with the performance of the electric bikes so far and hope to see even greater take up as word spreads about the benefits for teams and individual staff members

John Bann, Cycling and Roadspace Transformation Manager - Nottingham City Council

Nottingham City Homes is committed to making our business more efficient, and environmentally friendly. We encourage our staff to opt for sustainable transport wherever possible,including travel between our many sites across the city

Hayley, Nottingham City Homes

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